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Spotlight Q&A: UNITEN Nanogrids and BESS Systems Research with HIL

Success Story: Honda R&D streamlined control development and testing with Typhoon HIL

Success Story: Induction Motor Drive for Mining Automation with Indrivetec AG

A Better Way to Design and Test Software for Electric Vehicle Motor Drives

6 Reasons for Rapid Adoption of HIL Testing for Variable Frequency Drives

4th Generation HIL: Built for the most advanced motor drive applications

Building A Better Microgrid - Schneider Electric Microgrids

Building A Better Microgrid - Eaton Microgrids

Building A Better Microgrid - Risk Reduction with C-HIL and Model-based Engineering

Industry Spotlight Q&A: Powerstar Energy Management System

The Ship is a Microgrid (Part II) - Why is this so hard to design and build?

4 ways Controller Hardware in the Loop and Model-Based Engineering are Reducing Risk

Industry Spotlight Q&A: Schneider Electric Solar Business

Industry Spotlight Q&A: Schneider Electric's AccuSine

Industry Spotlight Q&A: Austrian Institute of Technology

7 Reasons why HIL Tested is becoming ubiquitous

Spotlight Q&A: Subhashish Bhattacharya from FREEDM Systems Center

Industry Spotlight Q&A: Tony Olivo and Preston Miller from FlexGen

3 Solutions to Optimize DERs for Frequency Regulation in Microgrids

Industry Spotlight: Ryan Smith, EPC Power

Distributed Microgrid Controls and Communications

Industry Spotlight Q&A: Jay Johnson from Sandia National Laboratory

4 questions and answers about resilient energy

The Ship is a Microgrid (Part I): Why is this so hard to design and build?

Digitalization of Microgrids and Electrical Distribution Networks

6 lessons learned from the MIT Lincoln Laboratory Microgrid Symposium that will make your next microgrid project a breeze

5 grand challenges for Microgrid Controlers that MIT Lincoln Laboratory Microgrid Controller Symposium aims to resolve

Continuous Integration with HIL: fully automate power electronics control software testing

3 reasons why your HIL simulation needs a communication toolbox

5 problems Controller HIL solves in Shipboard Power System testing

5 ways the Virtual HIL Device will make you a better HIL engineer

7 smart inverter tests you should get ready for

4 reasons HIL adoption in power electronics and microgrids is soaring

Simplify Microgrid Control Design, Testing, and Commissioning

Seven HIL402 Myths

Flight Simulator for Power Electronics and Power Systems

Power Electronics Control Design & Testing in the 21st century

Controller Hardware in the Loop Enhanced Learning in the Era of the Smart Grid

Six things to consider when selecting a Hardware in the Loop system for your HIL Laboratory.

4 Principles of Good Hardware in the Loop Design.

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