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Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) for PV Inverter Design

Power System Stability Research with HIL at the University of Trieste

Teaching with HIL: Machine and Converter Testing at UTBM

IPG CarMaker co-simulation for BEV fault injection testing

IHI Terrasun uses Typhoon HIL to Deploy Energy Storage Systems Safely and Efficiently

Power System Protection Testing with HIL

Performance Testing Hybrid Battery Controls with HIL

Elevating Solar Innovation and Service Excellence with C-HIL Testing

Streamlined e-Drive HIL Testing

Next-Level UPS Design, Development, Testing, and Validation with C-HIL

Achieving Innovative Research in Railway Applications with HIL

HIL Testing Bidirectional On-Board Chargers

Validate EV Charging Protocols for Energy Management Systems with HIL

Streamline EV Powertrain Control Software Development with HIL

Evolving Role of Distributed Energy Demands Advanced Testing

Accelerating EV BMS Testing with HIL

Developing Innovative Rare-Earth-Free Motor Topologies with HIL

HIL-assisted Development of HV Power Sources for Radiography

SUPPLIER and Typhoon HIL Integration for P-HIL Simulation

Virtual Test Drive with HIL: Co-simulation with IPG CarMaker

Simplify and Validate DC Fast Charging Interoperability with HIL

Introducing HIL testing leads to faster research results at TMU Japan

HIL testing the state of the art in EV charging communication

Revolutionizing Ships and Ports: The Rise of Renewable Microgrids

Solving the DER communication problem with HIL Compatible and MBSE

Accelerate xEV Motor Drive ECU Development and Testing with HIL

HIL Testing EV Drive Units with Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

Testing DC Fast Chargers Against Faults and Grid Disturbances

Design Solutions When Your Vessel is a Microgrid

What is ASIL for Electric Vehicles and EV powertrains?

Meet our Embedded Software Team and learn what they do

Fuel cell technology development and testing with HIL

Leading DC Fast Charging with HIL

EV rapid control prototyping done safely and easily with HIL

HIL prepares students for careers in industry

PANDA is Driving New Electric Vehicle Technologies to Market

Optimize EV BMS Development and Testing with HIL

HIL-powered digital twins advance European smart grid research

How Digital Twins Accelerate the Energy Transition

Fuji Electric’s Railway R&D Center tests new trains with HIL

Why is HIL testing critical for next generation battery systems?

Industry-academia collaboration brings e-mobility to the skies

HES-SO is educating next generation aviation experts with HIL

Viessmann shortens commissioning time with HIL

Electric propulsion system control validation testing with HIL

H55 is revolutionizing the aviation industry with HIL

Danfoss Drives streamlines customer support with Typhoon HIL solutions

Smart Grid Research Center at JBNU presents their HIL research

LS Electric Uses HIL in Power Conditioning System Development

PANDA project uses Typhoon HIL solutions to validate full EV models

HIL simplifies the customer support process at Danfoss Drives

Complying with standards in microgrid system integration | Hitachi Energy

Reducing surprises in the field in microgrid system integration | Rolls Royce

Increasing confidence with HIL testing in microgrid system integration | Duke Energy

What makes HIL solutions a unique tool for Danfoss Drives engineers

HIL Addresses Microgrid System Integration Challenges

HIL drives frontline customer support at Danfoss Drives

5 Reasons HIL is the Pillar of e-mesh™ PowerStore BESS Product Development

HIL Testing is part of the culture for Steven VanWerkhoven’s teams at Schneider Electric

Meet the New HIL606 with Typhoon HIL CTO Dusan Majstorovic

4 Lessons Learned from the Otis Microgrid Project

ESTCP 2020 Project Award for Integrated Model-Based Design Process

ARPA-E: Distributed Grid Control of Flexible Loads and DERs

Load Flow for a Better Way to Design Microgrids and Power Systems

Fuji Electric deploys HIL for UPS Control Testing

Hitachi Energy Pushes Limits of Testing e-mesh Controls with Typhoon HIL solutions

Tilo Buehler, Global Product Manager, Grid Edge Solutions at Hitachi Energy

Hitachi Energy E-mesh Solutions | Part 2

Hitachi Energy E-mesh Solutions | Part 1

AVL List validates their E-Storage test equipment with HIL

Raytheon uses Typhoon HIL to Design and Test Otis Microgrid Controls

Testing Strategies for Building Decentralized Grids

Why is a full microgrid control digital twin necessary in C-HIL?

Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute uses Typhoon HIL for smart inverter and distribution system testing

Spotlight Q&A: UNITEN Nanogrids and BESS Systems Research with HIL

Honda R&D streamlined control development and testing with Typhoon HIL

Success Story: Induction Motor Drive for Mining Automation with Indrivetec AG

A Better Way to Design and Test Software for Electric Vehicle Motor Drives

6 Reasons for Rapid Adoption of HIL Testing for Variable Frequency Drives

4th Generation HIL: Built for the most advanced motor drive applications

Building A Better Microgrid - Schneider Electric Microgrids

Building A Better Microgrid - Eaton Microgrids

Building A Better Microgrid - Risk Reduction with C-HIL and Model-based Engineering

Industry Spotlight Q&A: Powerstar Energy Management System

The Ship is a Microgrid (Part II) - Why is this so hard to design and build?

4 ways Controller Hardware in the Loop and Model-Based Engineering are Reducing Risk

Industry Spotlight Q&A: Schneider Electric Solar Business

Industry Spotlight Q&A: Schneider Electric's AccuSine

Industry Spotlight Q&A: Austrian Institute of Technology

7 Reasons why HIL Tested is becoming ubiquitous

Spotlight Q&A: Subhashish Bhattacharya from FREEDM Systems Center

Industry Spotlight Q&A: Tony Olivo and Preston Miller from FlexGen

3 Solutions to Optimize DERs for Frequency Regulation in Microgrids

Industry Spotlight: Ryan Smith, EPC Power

Distributed Microgrid Controls and Communications

Industry Spotlight Q&A: Jay Johnson from Sandia National Laboratory

4 questions and answers about resilient energy

The Ship is a Microgrid (Part I): Why is this so hard to design and build?

Digitalization of Microgrids and Electrical Distribution Networks

6 lessons learned from the MIT Lincoln Laboratory Microgrid Symposium that will make your next microgrid project a breeze

5 grand challenges for Microgrid Controlers that MIT Lincoln Laboratory Microgrid Controller Symposium aims to resolve

Continuous Integration with HIL: fully automate power electronics control software testing

3 reasons why your HIL simulation needs a communication toolbox

5 problems Controller HIL solves in Shipboard Power System testing

5 ways the Virtual HIL Device will make you a better HIL engineer

7 smart inverter tests you should get ready for

4 reasons HIL adoption in power electronics and microgrids is soaring

Simplify Microgrid Control Design, Testing, and Commissioning

Seven HIL402 Myths

Flight Simulator for Power Electronics and Power Systems

Power Electronics Control Design & Testing in the 21st century

Controller Hardware in the Loop Enhanced Learning in the Era of the Smart Grid

Six things to consider when selecting a Hardware in the Loop system for your HIL Laboratory.

4 Principles of Good Hardware in the Loop Design.

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