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Elevating Solar Innovation and Service Excellence with C-HIL Testing

Posted by Andrew Sellers and Debora Santo on Nov 15, 2023 11:27:17 AM

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In this blog article, we share an overview on how Controller Hardware-in-the-Loop (C-HIL) real-time testing solutions support the mission of innovation and service excellence in the solar energy market. With its role in energy transformation overall, C-HIL testing can make immense impact on the development speed, reliability assurance, and evolution of customer service within this sector. See where our vertically-integrated testing solutions can empower solar industry leaders in redefining the landscape for a more resilient and independent energy future. 


Introduction | Residential Energy Transformation  

While we often consider access to consistent electricity a fundamental aspect of modern life, it is more fragile than we realize. The dependency of homeowners, vital services, and businesses on the power grid is undeniable. Unforeseen challenges, such as severe weather, accidents, operational mishaps, and intentional disruptions jeopardize our energy security, potentially cutting off our access to essential resources. The call for transformation in our energy infrastructure is evident, and thanks to visionary individuals and progressive energy companies particularly in the solar energy market, positive change is underway. As the pursuit of energy independence and security intensifies, we are continually presented with new challenges and obstacles to overcome.

At Typhoon HIL, we aim to support and empower these innovators with our state-of-the-art, vertically-integrated Controller Hardware-in-the-Loop (C-HIL) solutions, designed to supercharge the journey of companies committed to cutting-edge solar and energy storage technology and unrivalled customer experience. Discover some of the ways that HIL testing can be most impactful in the journeys of these visionaries.


1 | Supercharge Development and Bring Breakthrough Innovations  

For companies that thrive on setting industry benchmarks and bringing technological innovations, C-HIL testing solutions offer a fast-track to prototyping and nimble product iterations. By embracing automated C-HIL testing in high-fidelity simulation environments, companies can ensure that their groundbreaking solutions seamlessly come to life, enhancing cross-team collaboration in the digital test environments to reduce time-to-market and stay at the forefront of the evolving solar tech landscape.


2 | Ensure Reliability Through Rigorous Regression Testing

Any company’s commitment to customers should go beyond just delivering innovative solutions; it’s about building trust through consistent reliability. Rigorous regression testing ensures the reliability of every solution throughout hardware, software, and firmware changes. Every change can be validated under real-world scenarios to guarantee that enhancements will fortify the customers' trust in the technology that is safeguarding their home’s energy independence.


3 | Redefine Customer Service Excellence Through Lab Diagnostics

In an industry where exemplary customer service is a key differentiator between solar industry competitors, C-HIL tests redefine the standards. Having the possibility to swiftly and precisely reproduce the challenges encountered in the field in a controlled lab setting enables rapid diagnosis of errors and deployment of solutions to them, raising the bar for customer service speed, efficiency and precision. The commitment to providing top-notch customer support aligns seamlessly with our mission to reinvent customer service through state-of-the-art diagnostics.


4 | Prioritize Robustness and Resilience Through Safe Validation

For companies prioritizing system robustness and resilience, our C-HIL solutions enable a safe environment for challenging their systems through automated tests that simulate extreme conditions, from potential surges to system vulnerabilities, ensuring products are ready for any eventuality. Beyond product validation, these tests drive R&D with crucial insights into system behaviors under stress, providing invaluable knowledge to enhance overall system security.


5 | Enable Informed Decisions with a Commitment to Transparency and Empowerment of End-Users

In an industry where informed decisions of customers are pivotal, use C-HIL solutions to illuminate pathways with data-driven insights. Comprehensive analytics and insights from our tests equip companies to keep customers and stakeholders well-informed and educated. Typhoon HIL is a vertically-integrated solution provider, and we work as partners in the shared mission to revolutionize energy access for everyone. 

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Conclusion | Bring Affordable and Sustainable Innovation to the Market Faster Than Ever

As industry visionaries push the boundaries of solar innovation, Typhoon HIL is here to ensure that their commitment to innovation, quality, and customer trust remains uncompromised. Together, let's shape the future of solar energy and redefine energy independence. Driven by a higher purpose, we forge ahead to create a world where reliable and affordable power security is within everyone's reach. 


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