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Next-Level UPS Design, Development, Testing, and Validation with C-HIL



This blog article is covering the story from the Schneider Electric Smart UPS Online C-HIL Core Team, where they outline the primary obstacles usually encountered in UPS design, development, and testing, as well as what a C-HIL setup brings when it comes to UPS testing. They shared what HIL benefits did the Schneider Electric Single-Phase UPS Team experienced first-hand and how the real time C-HIL solutions are supporting their mission towards automation and digitalization.

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HIL-assisted Development of HV Power Sources for Radiography

Posted by Boris Sasic on May 31, 2023 11:15:00 AM

Topics: Case Study, Power Electronics, High Voltage Power Supply, X-Ray Generator

AHV Hero

The latest developments in the X-ray medical imaging help improve diagnostic capabilities while reducing costs. X-ray generators need to keep up with the challenges imposed by new semiconductor and software technologies. Time and complexity of a “full-digital” X-ray generator development are significantly reduced by using HIL instead of a complex setup of X-ray tubes, high voltage sources, power loads and banks of various instruments, leading to faster development and innovation in the field.

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Introducing HIL testing leads to faster research results at TMU Japan

Posted by Debora Santo on Mar 15, 2023 1:00:19 PM

Topics: Case Study, Power Electronics


The Tokyo Metropolitan University Power Electronics Laboratory conducts research on improving the performance of passive devices for power electronics and power conversion circuits. Isamu Sugiyama from MyWay had the honor to interview Prof. Dr. Keiji Wada and his PhD student, Takaya Sekiguchi, on how they use Typhoon HIL in their research. Read this blog article to learn more on how introducing HIL into their research enabled achieving faster research results in their lab. 

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Meet our Embedded Software Team and learn what they do

Posted by Debora Santo on Oct 12, 2022 12:26:12 PM

Topics: Power Electronics, Meet our OneTEAM

BLOG Thumbnail Meet our OneTEAM

At Typhoon HIL, we work on bringing together a great selection of people to enrich our OneTEAM and share and promote our core values. We wanted to give you a chance to meet the people behind our solutions and share insight into what their daily work looks like. In this blog, we start with our Embedded software team, which is the engineering team at the heart of our real-time solutions, ensuring they run fast and with flexible connectivity.

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Viessmann shortens commissioning time with HIL

Posted by Debora Santo on Mar 23, 2022 8:25:42 AM

Topics: Case Study, Power Electronics, HIL in a Day

Viessmann Blog Hero

Power electronics control testing that is quick, efficient, and thorough can be a challenge to achieve. To allow for hands-on evaluation of a real-time control testing setup that fulfills this spec, Typhoon HIL provides HIL in a Day exercises for interested parties. After this exercise was done with Viessmann, they observed faster testing and commissioning, with less time and money spent. Read more about their experiences in this blog.

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6 Reasons for Rapid Adoption of HIL Testing for Variable Frequency Drives

Posted by Ivan Celanovic on May 14, 2020 11:39:22 AM

Topics: Power Electronics, Technology Article

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Blog Highlights
  • Software is becoming a key value generator for Variable Frequency Drives.

  • New control algorithm development is driven by new motor designs, new semiconductor switches, and more powerful processors.

  • System-level interoperability requirements are constantly expanding.

  • Modular power converter design has become a standard.

  • Grid code compliance is becoming a requirement.

  • Software lifecycle maintenance complexity is exploding.

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