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Leading DC Fast Charging with HIL

Posted by Cassiano F. Moraes and Heitor J. Tessaro on Sep 27, 2022 1:27:23 PM

Topics: e-Mobility, Technology Article

Leading DC Fast Charging


The main roadblock that currently holds back electric vehicles (EVs) from becoming the mainstream transportation method is their increased charging time in long-distance driving. But this is where DC Fast Chargers (DCFC) come in. DCFC can revolutionize the e-Mobility industry by providing a faster and more efficient charging experience, also enabling the fast charging of electrified fleets and heavy-duty vehicles. For this, power converters and controllers for DCFC need to be widely tested to ensure high efficiency and reliability in the charging process, increasing development complexity.

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EV rapid control prototyping done safely and easily with HIL

Posted by Debora Santo on Sep 22, 2022 1:01:35 PM

Topics: Case Study, e-Mobility

Infenion FTN blog HETOIMAGE

In this blog, learn more about the controller test setup put together for teaching purposes at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Novi Sad in Serbia, which is integrating solutions from Infineon Technologies and Typhoon HIL.


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HIL prepares students for careers in industry

Posted by Debora Santo on Sep 14, 2022 1:53:28 PM

Topics: Case Study, Grid Modernization

Raja Blog Thumbnail (2)


We had the honor to host our long-time academic collaborator and friend, Prof. Kaushik Rajashekara from the University of Houston, in our main R&D Center in Serbia. We used this chance to record an interesting interview with him, so we can share with you more about his career path in research, current main research topics, and how he uses HIL in his teaching to help students gain valuable skills for careers in industry. Check out our video and blog to learn more.

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PANDA is Driving New Electric Vehicle Technologies to Market

Posted by Sergio Costa on Sep 9, 2022 12:23:50 PM

Topics: e-Mobility, Project Update



  • What is the H2020 PANDA project?
  • The Power of the EMR Framework
  • Cloud-based Integration
  • Reducing vehicle time-to-market

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Optimize EV BMS Development and Testing with HIL

Posted by Debora Santo on Aug 26, 2022 10:11:02 AM

Topics: e-Mobility, Technology Article

Optimize EV BMS TH Blog HeroImage (1920 x1080)


  • Challenges of electric vehicle (EV) battery management system (BMS) development.
  • HIL solutions for development and testing EV BMS.
  • HIL e-Mobility Webinar Series episode on EV BMS testing and BMS Testing Demo.

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HIL-powered digital twins advance European smart grid research

Posted by Sergio Costa and Aleksandar Kavgic on Jul 15, 2022 1:34:58 PM

Topics: Digital Twin, Project Update, Grid Modernization



Blog Highlights:
  • The validation challenge for novel technology development.
  • How do digital twins de-risk, speed-up and streamline creating Community Energy Systems?
  • How can digital twins demonstrate the value of novel battery systems?

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How Digital Twins Accelerate the Energy Transition



Blog Highlights:
  • What is a digital twin and how does it work in HIL?
  • What are the types of digital twins?
  • What do you need to make a HIL digital twin?

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Fuji Electric’s Railway R&D Center tests new trains with HIL

Posted by Ivan Celanovic on Jun 8, 2022 12:53:08 PM

Topics: Case Study, e-Mobility


Blog Highlights:
  • How the Fuji Electric evaluation process led to Typhoon HIL solution adoption.
  • Key challenges in traction applications before introducing HIL testing.
  • Main advantages of HIL testing electric train propulsion inverters and motor drives.

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Why is HIL testing critical for next generation battery systems?

Posted by Eleni Apostolidou and Sergio Costa on May 26, 2022 9:39:09 AM

Topics: BESS, Project Update

Hybris blog 1 hero image


Blog Highlights:
  • Introduction | Why is energy storage control important?
  • HIL concept | What is HIL testing?
  • HIL benefits | Why HIL?

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Industry-academia collaboration brings e-mobility to the skies

Posted by Eleni Apostolidou on Apr 7, 2022 12:43:54 PM

Topics: Case Study, e-Mobility

H55 Hes-so _part 4

Blog Highlights:
  • H55 and HES-SO used HIL solutions to develop clean aviation technology and make aviation history.
  • HIL helps power electronics engineers handle extra complexity and develop new products faster.
  • HIL real-time simulators can be used as a tool for pilot and engineer training, student education, and technology transfer to industry.

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