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Danfoss Drives streamlines customer support with Typhoon HIL solutions

Posted by Vuk Maletin on Feb 25, 2022 9:21:01 AM

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Blog highlights
  • Danfoss Drives utilizes HIL for faster customer support response time and enabling high quality drive performance.
  • Engineers highlight HIL systems ease of use as what they value most.
  • With HIL, engineers can easily develop machine agnostic drive control software.


In the Danfoss Drives Industry Spotlight video series, our team had the chance to interview three people with unique perspectives within the company. We wanted to find out and share with you more about why Typhoon HIL became their HIL solutions provider of choice, what they use the HIL systems for, and how implementing HIL methodology affected their day-to-day work. Watch the videos below or follow the links to read the full interviews.



Søren Bondesen is the Senior Director of Software & Control Engineering at Danfoss Drives. He shared with us how using Typhoon HIL helped Danfoss redesign their customer support process, and increase its speed and quality, all aimed at improving customer satisfaction. Watch the video above or follow the link below to read the full interview.


HIL drives frontline customer support at Danfoss Drives





Søren Bækhøj Kjær is an applications engineer at Danfoss Drives. His story highlights the mission of Danfoss Drives, and how HIL makes it possible. The most notable benefit in his view is that the Typhoon HIL solution can be used by all personnel, not only drive control engineers, which is critical for its implementation in the customer support process. Watch the video above or follow the link below to read the full interview.


What makes HIL solutions a unique tool for Danfoss Drives engineers





Michael Laursen is the Director of Digital Products at Danfoss Drives in Gråsten, Denmark. He leads the global team on simulation initiatives and is one of the central figures driving the adoption of HIL technology. He highlights how using Typhoon HIL testbeds streamlines cross-team coordination and saves on customer response time. Watch the video above or follow the link below to read the full interview.


HIL simplifies the customer support process at Danfoss Drives



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