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HES-SO is educating next generation aviation experts with HIL

Posted by Eleni Apostolidou on Mar 30, 2022 12:51:40 PM

Topics: Case Study, e-Mobility

H55 Hes-so _part 3

Blog Highlights:
  • Learn about the HES-SO, H55, Typhoon HIL industry-academia collaboration.
  • See the flight simulator used for training future pilots and engineers.
  • Find out about all the benefits a HIL system has for pilot and engineer training, student education, and technology transfer to industry.

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Electric propulsion system control validation testing with HIL

Posted by Eleni Apostolidou on Mar 1, 2022 11:32:40 AM

Topics: Case Study, e-Mobility

H55 (3)


Blog highlights:
  • Learn about the challenges in EPS control validation testing for power electronics engineers in the aviation industry.
  • See how HIL real-time simulation and digital twin technology enable safe control system validation for aircrafts.
  • Find out why engineers at H55 say HIL technology is vertigineux.

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H55 is revolutionizing the aviation industry with HIL

Posted by Eleni Apostolidou on Feb 28, 2022 11:49:48 AM

Topics: Case Study, e-Mobility

H55 (1)


Blog highlights:
  • Learn about the developing technologies for cleaner air transport.
  • Lead H55 partners share how embracing the unexpected is key to making a change for a greener future.
  • Find out about the key benefits of using HIL in aircraft engineering.

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PANDA project uses Typhoon HIL solutions to validate full EV models

Posted by Debora Santo on Dec 30, 2021 12:08:48 PM

Topics: BESS, e-Mobility, Project Update


Blog highlights
  • Project objectives | PANDA project supports transport electrification.
  • Video interview | Hear about the project from Dr. Ronan German.
  • HIL testbed | Typhoon HIL as the validation partner of choice.
  • Battery Integration | Reliable and flexible full-vehicle testing
  • Project partners | Meet the names behind the project.

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AVL List validates their E-Storage test equipment with HIL

Posted by Debora Santo on Dec 23, 2020 5:48:00 PM

Topics: BESS, Case Study, e-Mobility

Case Studies - AVL E-Storage (3)


Blog Highlights

  • AVL List GmbH uses Typhoon HIL test solutions in the agile development, prototyping, testing, and maintenance of firmware and hardware versions of their e-Storage BTE product portfolio.

  • AVL e-Storage BTE can act as a battery tester and battery emulator for testing and validating batteries, e-motors, and inverters in early development phases.

  • Controller Hardware-in-the-Loop (C-HIL) reduces firmware development and testing time, and as a result, speeds up the time-to market-for new features by enabling automated testing through all product variant cases.

  • HIL in one word: Agile.

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