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Developing Innovative Rare-Earth-Free Motor Topologies with HIL

Posted by Cassiano F. Moraes and Heitor J. Tessaro on Jun 21, 2023 11:40:32 AM

Topics: e-Mobility, Technology Article

Rare-earth-free EV motors blog

Permanent magnet (PM) motors, using heavy rare-earth elements like Neodymium, Terbium, and Dysprosium, have been the go to choice for electric vehicle (EV) motors due to their efficiency and power density. However, complex extraction processes and limited supply chains have led to price volatility. To overcome these challenges, the e-Mobility industry is increasingly focusing on developing rare-earth-free electric motors. These motors aim to achieve higher speed, power density, and voltage at a lower cost, reducing reliance on rare-earth elements and promoting a sustainable future for electric transportation, and real-time simulation and testing tools solutions Typhoon HIL aid their development. Read this blog article to learn more.

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HIL-assisted Development of HV Power Sources for Radiography

Posted by Boris Sasic on May 31, 2023 11:15:00 AM

Topics: Case Study, Power Electronics, High Voltage Power Supply, X-Ray Generator

AHV Hero

The latest developments in the X-ray medical imaging help improve diagnostic capabilities while reducing costs. X-ray generators need to keep up with the challenges imposed by new semiconductor and software technologies. Time and complexity of a “full-digital” X-ray generator development are significantly reduced by using HIL instead of a complex setup of X-ray tubes, high voltage sources, power loads and banks of various instruments, leading to faster development and innovation in the field.

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SUPPLIER and Typhoon HIL Integration for P-HIL Simulation

Posted by Luiz Henrique Meneghetti on Apr 26, 2023 11:00:00 AM

Topics: Case Study, Grid Modernization

SUPPLIER and Typhoon HIL Integration for P-HIL Simulation

In this blog, see how Typhoon HIL and SUPPLIER devices integrate to form a complete P-HIL (Power Hardware in the Loop) testbed solution for real-time control testing of microgrids. 

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Virtual Test Drive with HIL: Co-simulation with IPG CarMaker

Posted by Anja Konzept on Apr 5, 2023 11:28:40 AM

Topics: Case Study, e-Mobility


In this blog article, learn about the new possibilities for developing and validating electric vehicles through IPG CarMaker and Typhoon HIL Co-Simulation. Watch the included video to see a demonstration of the co-simulation concept and its capabilities. 

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Simplify and Validate DC Fast Charging Interoperability with HIL

Posted by Debora Santo on Mar 22, 2023 12:00:00 PM

Topics: e-Mobility, Technology Article

Webinar Blog Hero - DC fast charging - March 16 2023

Reliable high-power charging is vital to providing support for the wider adoption of battery electric vehicles (BEVs), both in passenger and commercial segments. In this blog article, see how model-based engineering tools are being utilized to empower agile control development and testing. This text is based on the same-titled webinar from our e-Mobility series that demonstrates how electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) is tested using hardware-in-the-loop (HIL). Keep reading and watch the webinar recording to learn more!

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Introducing HIL testing leads to faster research results at TMU Japan

Posted by Debora Santo on Mar 15, 2023 1:00:19 PM

Topics: Case Study, Power Electronics


The Tokyo Metropolitan University Power Electronics Laboratory conducts research on improving the performance of passive devices for power electronics and power conversion circuits. Isamu Sugiyama from MyWay had the honor to interview Prof. Dr. Keiji Wada and his PhD student, Takaya Sekiguchi, on how they use Typhoon HIL in their research. Read this blog article to learn more on how introducing HIL into their research enabled achieving faster research results in their lab. 

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HIL testing the state of the art in EV charging communication

Posted by Cassiano F. Moraes and Heitor J. Tessaro on Mar 2, 2023 11:39:11 AM

Topics: e-Mobility, Technology Article

HERO-EV charging communication (1)

The standardization of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) communication is still under development, but a push for a globally defined standard is making interoperability possible. This article outlines the challenges of manufacturers in dealing with charging standards in constant evolution. In addition, it demonstrates how automated, real-time, hardware-in-the-loop testing can help manufacturers reduce the time and cost to develop and test their charging systems. 

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Revolutionizing Ships and Ports: The Rise of Renewable Microgrids

Posted by Debora Santo on Feb 22, 2023 12:24:57 PM

Topics: Technology Article, Grid Modernization

Marine blog HERO IMAGE (1)

In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on making marine power systems more energy efficient and green. One way to achieve this is through hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing, a technique that allows engineers to validate control algorithms for optimization of efficient energy use and that supports the integration of various distributed energy resources (DERs) into a well-functioning whole. Read this blog to learn more from our demonstrations on how the challenges of making greener marine microgrids can be addressed with digital twins and HIL real-time simulation.

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Solving the DER communication problem with HIL Compatible and MBSE

Posted by Aleksandar Kavgic on Feb 1, 2023 12:55:06 PM

Topics: Technology Article, Grid Modernization

Fig 0 Solving the DER hero image

Communication is often an afterthought when designing or deploying new distributed energy resource (DER) projects. In practice, though, these communication issues can make or break integration projects when deployed to the energy grid. See how HIL Compatible devices together with model-based system engineering (MBSE) can be used to safely validate communication and control issues prior to system deployment with real hardware, and drastically simplify the integration and commissioning process of new renewables, microgrids, and virtual power plants (VPPs).

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Accelerate xEV Motor Drive ECU Development and Testing with HIL

Posted by Debora Santo on Dec 21, 2022 12:06:10 PM

Topics: e-Mobility, Technology Article

Accelerate xEV Motor (hero image)

Developing and testing motor drive electronic control units (ECUs) for electric vehicles (EVs) has numerous challenges. We gathered a group of panelists from Infineon Technologies and Infinitum for a discussion on how to overcome them with hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing and validation solutions. This article is a part of our HIL e-Mobility series and includes access to the webinar recording with a dedicated motor drive ECU testing demo. 

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