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Success Story: Induction Motor Drive for Mining Automation with Indrivetec AG

Hero Fig 1 - DFIM Motor Drive for Mining SAG Mill


The case study featured here is a 3 MW doubly fed induction motor (DFIM) drive used for mining applications. The DFIM drive controls were designed, built, and tested by Indrivetec AG, at the request of CSE-Uniserve. Indrivetec AG is a Zurich-based power electronics, drives, and energy storage company and is an early adopter of Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) technology with a research lab primarily based on HIL for control design and testing.

The stator of this motor is connected to the medium voltage grid, and the rotor is connected to a liquid resistor of the system integrator CSE-Uniserve and an Indrivetec Insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) converter. Here, the resistor is used for starting and running at a constant speed, while the converter is used for variable speed operation.

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A Better Way to Design and Test Software for Electric Vehicle Motor Drives

Posted by Debora Santo and Sergio Costa on Jun 2, 2020 1:11:50 PM

Asset 38@3x-8


  • Employ high-fidelity modeling of electronic and EV systems.
  • Safely catch control issues before deployment.
  • Improve project schedule performance and streamline workflow.
  • Fully automate testing.
  • Easily import model parameters.


Model-based software development is a widely accepted practice in the automotive industry, motivated by the software's safety critical nature and the need for the development and testing process to comply with the ISO 26262 standard. With the availability of accurate physical plant models (e.g. motor drive), software testing can start early in the development process, allowing you to discover and fix problems as soon as they arise.

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