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How HIL drives frontline customer support at Danfoss Drives | Industry Spotlight Q&A

Posted by Samantha Bruce and Debora Santo on Sep 22, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Topics: Q&A Interview, Industry Spotlight, Drives

Spotlight Q&A HEROIMAGE - Soren Danfoss

Søren Bondesen is the Senior Director of Software & Control Engineering at Danfoss Drives. He tells us how using HIL can increase customer support speed and quality. Watch the short video or read the full interview with Søren in this blog.


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ARPA-E: Distributed Grid Control of Flexible Loads and DERs | Project News

Posted by Samantha Bruce and Debora Santo on May 27, 2021 5:34:47 PM

Topics: Research Laboratories, Microgrids, C-HIL, DER, ARPA-E

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Success Story: Hitachi ABB Pushes Limits of Testing e-mesh Controls with Typhoon HIL solutions

Hitachi ABB e-mesh Controller Hardware in the Loop

Story Highlights

  • Application: The e-mesh Control is designed for the seamless integration of renewables with traditional energy assets.
  • Challenge: Ensuring that multiple e-mesh controls communicate in a coordinated way.
  • Solution: Typhoon controller Hardware-in-the-Loop used to design and test e-mesh controls
  • Result: Typhoon HIL accelerated e-mesh control development time and increased test coverage.
  • HIL Tested means flexibility, reliability, optimized, and great performance.

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