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ARPA-E: Distributed Grid Control of Flexible Loads and DERs | Project News

Posted by Samantha Bruce and Debora Santo on May 27, 2021 5:34:47 PM

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Topics: Research Laboratories, Microgrids, C-HIL, DER, ARPA-E

Success Story: Hitachi ABB Pushes Limits of Testing e-mesh Controls with Typhoon HIL solutions

Posted by Samantha Bruce and Debora Santo on Apr 21, 2021 11:43:56 AM

Hitachi ABB e-mesh Controller Hardware in the Loop

Story Highlights

  • Application: The e-mesh Control is designed for the seamless integration of renewables with traditional energy assets.
  • Challenge: Ensuring that multiple e-mesh controls communicate in a coordinated way.
  • Solution: Typhoon controller Hardware-in-the-Loop used to design and test e-mesh controls
  • Result: Typhoon HIL accelerated e-mesh control development time and increased test coverage.
  • HIL Tested means flexibility, reliability, optimized, and great performance.

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Topics: Microgrids, C-HIL, controller hardware in the loop, hardware in the loop, Digital Twin, advanced smart grid converters, model microgrids, microgrid hardware in the loop, microgrid testbed, power systems

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