Transform your PC into a HIL laboratory with VHIL

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Get a full taste of HIL without a hardware HIL emulator


Virtual HIL Device is a software-based emulator of the HIL402 real-time device. It allows you to use the entire Typhoon HIL software toolchain without the actual HIL device. As such, Virtual HIL Device can help you expand your HIL knowledge and also simplify your teaching and research, as you can experiment in the offline mode with Virtual HIL Device and use the actual HIL device when you need real-time capabilities.

Virtual HIL Device allows you to:

  • Use the same HIL toolchain with all of its advanced features without a HIL real-time device
  • Develop, simulate and verify models that are only one click away from real-time execution
  • Speed up the development of models and test scripts, regardless of the how many HIL devices you have
  • Run all your existing models, developed for your acutual HIL device, in non-real-time without any modification


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