The new TyphoonTest Framework: Harnessing the Power of Open Source

Typhoon test 6.jpg

Get your recording for the introductory webinar on our brand new software feature: TyphoonTest. 


This webinar presents Typhoon HIL's new TyphoonTest framework, showing how we are leveraging Python and open-source to bring a powerful tool to be used to verify your power system/electronics systems.


To showcase the power and ease of use of TyphoonTest, example tests are being demonstrated, from very basic tests to real applications such as speed control for drives and ride-through functionalities for solar inverters.


The webinar was hosted by Samantha Bruce, Digital Marketing Lead at Typhoon HIL and our key speaker and presenter is Victor Maryama, Test Automation Architect at Typhoon HIL, supported by Ivan Morar, Hardware Engineer at Typhoon HIL.


Webinar agenda:


  • Challenges with current development of Power Electronics and Power systems
  •  The new TyphoonTest framework and Typhoon HIL's roadmap for power testing
  •  Practical examples covering:
    • Test creation, from basic to complex functional tests
    • Test selection and run
    • Integration to continuous integration tools
  • Q&A




Victor Maryama is the Test Automation Architect at Typhoon HIL. He graduated with a Master of Engineering (MEng) focused in Electric Power Systems from Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Victor's daily tasks at Typhoon HIL include:

  • Developing Typhoon HIL testing tools
  • Contribute to open-source Python projects related to testing
  • Improve Typhoon HIL quality processes
  • Help customers solve their QA problems
Ivan Morar

Ivan Morar is a Hardware Engineer at Typhoon HIL. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Faculty Of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad.

Ivan's daily tasks at Typhoon HIL include:

  • Development of the QA automated tests
  • Customer support
  • Development of the CI/CD infrastructure and processes
  • Test suite precertification test development according to the grid connected standards

Samantha Bruce is the Digital Marketing Lead at Typhoon HIL. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English and Economics
from Reed College in Portland, Oregon.

Sam's daily tasks at Typhoon HIL include:

  • Creating content for web and social media
  • Conducting interviews with software developers
  • Developing partnerships with customer PR departments
  • Contribute to Business Development efforts