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Controller Hardware-in-the-Loop Classes. Hands-on.

The simplest way to build, test and certify smart inverter and microgrid controllers.


  • Benefits of controller hardware-in-the-loop, real-time simulation and vertically integrated hardware/software.
  • Applications from solar inverters to microgrids, in industry and academia.


  • Build real-time models of power electronics converters and microgrids.
  • Design controllers with Rapid Control Prototyping.
  • Design Custom User Interface to interact with models in real-time.


  • Test controller performance and reliability with Python test scripts.
  • Automate controller testing (i.e. grid disturbances, harmonics, LVRT, etc.)
  • Test grid-connected inverter interoperability for microgrid application


  • Pre-certify controllers in accordance to BDEW, UL1741 SA, CEI-21, etc.
  • Utilize automatic data reporting to speed up your certification process.

Where and when?

Location Date


Stanford University, CA

July 9, 2017
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