EV Powertrain Software Testing:

Automate Motor Drive ECU Testing and Integration using HIL

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Electric vehicles (EVs) are crucial for paving the road for a zero-emissions future in the transport sector. Inside EVs, the electric powertrain is a centerpiece comprising the electric motor, inverter, on-board charger, and battery pack. However, testing and integrating automotive electronic control units (ECU) in EV powertrains is a challenging, time-demanding, and costly process.

There is rising software complexity driven by increasing consumer demand for advanced functions, continual software updates, and improved road safety. This means testing a large number of complex test cases in a short period of time. Therefore, test engineers need an efficient test solution without disrupting existing test processes.  

The EV Powertrain Software Testing Re-imagined webinar series will showcase how to reliably test and integrate automotive ECUs in an electric powertrain under all the operating conditions with controller Hardware-in-the-Loop testing. Moreover, you can learn how to fully automate the testing procedure in every phase of the product lifecycle, from early development to after product release.


Why ECU-TEST and Typhoon HIL

The first part of the series focuses on the latest integration with TraceTronic ECU-TEST in order to enable users to intuitively create test cases in every development phase and run them automatically. An EV motor drive application demo will be shown to automate test scripts in ECU-TEST, such as speed step, ramping test, and short circuit test. With this integration, test automation engineers can:


  • Eliminate potential issues from the code by testing early
  • Easily re-use and automate tests for regression testing
  • Replicate events that are difficult to do in the laboratory
  • Safely create fault events without damaging setups or expensive prototypes.
  • Visualize test results in a comprehensible way


Florian Rohde, Former Engineering Manager at Tesla

thumbnail_Stefan Kasek_PassfotoStefan Kasek, Senior Lead Engineer at TraceTronic Inc.

HenriqueChaves04 Henrique Chaves, Test Automation Engineer at Typhoon HIL



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